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The mission of the National Association of Independent Artists is to strengthen, improve and promote the artistic, professional andeconomic success of artists who exhibit in art shows. We are committed to integrity, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence and we advocate for the highest ideals and practices within all aspects of the art show environment.

This website, as well as the NAIA itself, is a work in progress and has potential to be a great resource for not only artists/artisans but the organizers and directors of shows. As a member of an all-volunteer organization (or even if you're not) you are very much encouraged to contribute anything that you think might be of interest to your fellow members and visitors alike, such as time and skills, suggestions or even monetary donations.

Our website is divided into four general areas. Links to each area are in the gray box at upper left of each page. The four areas are:

The Home area (you're here!) contains a short history of the organization, recent letters to NAIA, and if you get lost click on the site map icon at the bottom of each page to find your way (this page also shows what we have in store for the site, and a search engine). Here is our advocacy issues paper in PDF form. Would you like to communicate with the NAIA Board of Directors? Please fill out this form. NAIA is always looking for funds - here are NAIA Fundraisers!

Our MembersThe "Our Members" area contains wonderful work from our members. The Random Gallery displays thumbnail images of many members' work and, more importantly, you may search our membership by media, name, city and state. Then view our members' own page on the NAIA site, containing large images, biographies and contact information (including links to members' own websites). Also in this area is a "Member Roster" that may be printed out and also now contains links to thumbnail images from our members. Our "Contributing and Generous Benefactor Members" (i.e. show directors and others) also have a roster.

Member ResourcesThe third area is the "Member Resources". We have recently set up four "TipsBoards" that will allow members and visitors to submit the wealth of information acquired from many years in this profession. This area has great potential to be a terrific source of information of interest to all who visit, containing four areas of interest: At the Show, On the Road, In the Studio, and On the Web. We hope to develop this area to be a valuable resource for not only artist/artisan members but those who work on the production of high quality art fairs and festivals (or those who aspire to produce high quality shows). Topics will cover everything from lodging to mechanics to business matters back at home.

If you are a Member and have received your passwords, you can have access to the NAIA Member Forum and the Show Information Forums. If you need or have misplaced your passwords, send an for a password reminder.

We are also working on obtaining more benefits for our members with suppliers and for lodging and car/van rentals.

NAIA at WorkFinally, the "NAIA at Work" area contains further information on areas of interest NAIA is working on, including surveys of artists and show directors, work on benefits for members, work on developing new shows, who to contact in the NAIA organization for questions or input (including change of addresses, email and URLs, phone numbers, etc!), the all-important NAIA NAIA Advocacies and Advocacy ActionLine . We will also develop a "corner" for show directors - furthering our philosophy of positive cooperation in this industry. Also, information on how members can get a page on the NAIA website and be a part of the Member Gallery. Be sure to check out the upcoming 2007 Director Conference.

Initiatives NAIA hopes to accomplish:

To work with select communities to establish high quality new shows.
To lend support to existing community based shows.
To create a forum for artists to communicate with each other and with other people in the arts community.
To develop educational programs.
To create alternative markets for members.
To provide support for emerging artists.
To develop benefit programs for members.

If you find that the NAIA suits you, join!

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