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In this unprecedented time of hardship for professional artists, Jay Downie of the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival has lowered the space fee for the 2009 event. This is the second year in a row for doing so. Jay truly understands how difficult it has been recently for artists to make a living. After receiving more applications to the show than projected in the show's budget, Jay decided to use the extra income as discounts on space fees. Exhibitors in the 2009 show will benefit immediately with a $20 discount.

From Jay's announcement:
"We've covered our costs - the additional revenue is being returned to our artists in the form of a discount on the booth fee."

"With a full understanding of the real situation artists are struggling against to make a living in these extremely difficult times and by helping artists to face this time of rising costs and plummeting sales by lowering booth space fees for the 2008 and 2009 shows, NAIA honors Jay Downie and the Main Street Ft. Worth Arts Festival as the newest member to our Hall of Fame."

Thank You and Congratulations!

NAIA hopes that many show directors will follow Jay's lead by lowering artists' costs to participate in their shows.

first entry 8-6-2008

The 2008 Omaha Summer Arts Festival was hit hard by a severe storm Friday afternoon of the 3 day show. Wind speed was over 70 mph. Many booths toppled or flew through the air, thousands of dollars of art was destroyed, but no one was hurt. Several years ago the Omaha show staff created a well thought-out and detailed Emergency Plan. Having a plan in place and following it before, during and after the disaster no doubt saved lives and limited damage.

During set-up, palettes of free sand bags were available for every artist to help secure their booth. Artists, patrons and vendors were warned of the oncoming storm about 25 minutes before it hit. Immediately after that warning they all were informed of mandatory evacuation. After the storm, the show held a meeting with all the artists and vendors to discuss recovery plans. Clean up had already begun in ernest. Giant lights, like those used at night for freeway construction, were brought to every intersection in the show. Artists were able to work late into the night to prepare for the remaining two days of the show while the main stage was completely rebuilt and debris was cleared.

Award judging had not been completed before the storm so at artists' suggestions, the show donated the award money to the nearby Boy Scout camp recently demolished by a tornado which also killed four Boy Scouts at the camp.

All exhibitors from the 2008 show are invited jury-free to the 2009 show.

"For being fully prepared with an excellent emergency plan, for following through with the plan to protect lives and property and for making compassionate decisions regarding award money and next year's show jury NAIA is honoring the 2008 Omaha Summer Arts Festival staff as our first entry into the newly created NAIA Hall of Fame."

Thank You and Congratulations!

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