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Since the NAIA is a national organization and all members are in different locations, it is a requirement that all volunteers for the following positions have regular broadband internet access and a workable level of computer skills. Many of these positions are primary positions which may require them to request assistance of other volunteers.

If you wish to volunteer for NAIA and none of the posted positions seem right for you, please contact our Vice-Chair to discuss your interests and time available. We want to help all become more involved in NAIA. It is *your* organization.

Volunteer Positions

**Volunteer Coordinator**

Job description: The Coordinator will be our Human Resources person who serves our volunteers as a liason between them, committee chairs and the Board. The Coordinator will coordinate and create new position postings and review applications. The Coordinator will determine the best uses of this resource by filtering those applying for a particular position and possibly redirecting them toward other volunteer jobs for which they may be better suited. Will meet with committee chairs on a regular basis to review the work of volunteers and the program so that we may improve when needed. Will provide volunteer with initial organizational training, evaluations, and ongoing feedback to ensure a fulfilling volunteer experience and commitment to NAIA's goals.

This is a Primary Position which may require additional help as job expands.

Requirements: Organizational skills and the ability to communicate well with others.
Additional skills: mediation and/or arbitration experience; fluency in major software programs ( MS Office, Excel, etc) and broadband internet access.

For further information contact

Public Relations Coordinator

Job Description: Research national and regional art publications (online and print), make contact and monitor their calendars and ongoing projects. Work closely with ED and Board Chair to stay current with NAIA news, projects, and events. Prepare releases or articles for publications

Requirements: Ability to talk easily with those in the arts media field. Very good organizational and writing skills. Good working knowledge of the internet and high computer skills.

For further information contact

Communications Committee:

Online Communications Editor

Job description: Locate, register and regularly update online social networking and sales portals (i.e. Facebook, My Space, Wikipedia, Etsy, Youtube, Ustream, etc) to set up pages, post comments, messages, etc. concerning NAIA. The editor will monitor the pages, directing ?traffic? as needed. Creation of regular content to keep the organization before our constituency is the primary goal of this position. Initally, the hours are not lengthy - 30 minutes to 1 hr per week on a regular basis with periodic special events which may require travel or longer hours. Commitment to ongoing site(s) maintenance is essential.

Online Communications Editor is a Primary Job and will likely find help is needed. It will be up to the Editor to write volunteer job descriptions for help if necessary.

Requirements: To be qualified, one needs to have access to broad band internet and the accompanying computer skills at a level that they are able to post on existing portals on a regular basis as well as research new opportunities for information dissemination. Must be able to write effectively. Will coordinate communications with the Communications chair but must also be able to work independently. Especially desirable skills include the ability to create and edit videos for web posting and online meetings.

Contact for application or further information.

IA (The Independent Artist) Distribution Manager

Job description: Know deadline for IA printing and distribution and be prepared with a list of art shows and individuals to give to the printer for shipment of boxes. Be able to check list of Contributing Members and dates of their shows to know which are being held within 30 to 45 days of shipment, contact the shows to see if we can ship directly to them and have them distribute. It will be necessary to continually check list to let communications chair know to whom boxes need to be sent and when. Also, before distribution, send out ?call for distribution? to members to find who can distribute papers at shows they are attending, keep track of those shows to avoid duplication in distribution.

Requirements: Manager must be comfortable talking with show directors or their agents to make arrangements for distribution. Must be able to create spreadsheets to keep track of information. The manager must also be comfortable making contact with NAIA members and making arrangements either by telephone or e-mail, then following through on such arrangements.

Contact for application or further information.

Membership Committee:
All interested in Membership posted jobs contact

Benefits and Discounts Coordinator
Job description: Research and develop practical benefits and discount programs that will generate real savings and advantages for members and to which all members will have equal access. Answer members' questions and assist them with getting the proper access codes. Current benefits and discounts are listed here.
Requirements: "people" skills, ability to research on the internet

Artist Membership Renewal Contact (several people needed)
Job description: To call lapsed artist members about renewing their NAIA membership
Requirements: "people" communication skills

Artist Membership Recruitment (several people needed)
Job description: to recruit new artist members at shows or other contact - particularly in the Western U.S. and Pacific Northwest regions of the country
Requirements: "people" communication skills

Contributor Membership Renewal Contact
Job description: Call lapsed contributor members (show directors) about renewing their NAIA membership
Requirements: "people"communication skills

Contributor (show director) Membership Recruitment (several people needed)
Job description: to recruit new contributor members through mailing out materials and phone calling.
Requirements: "people" communication skills

Membership Contact Information Verifier
Job Description: Contact member's who's email addresses are bouncing or mail is being returned to make sure we have their correct information.
Requirements: internet access



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