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Jacquelyne Collett refers to her glass and copper pieces as "glass constructions." Her work has an architectural feel to it; through line, basic shape and textural quality.


I am working primarily with fused glass; a kiln formed process. Basically, layers of compatible glasses are combined by heating them to approximately 1500 degrees F. My work requires at least three firings; the first to set up the background, a second to add the surface colors, a third to add detail colors and additions of copper. I incorporate a photo resist method to sandblast the graphic images onto the glass, which is followed by fire-polishing. The copper pieces in my work are added by fabricating, soldering, sanding and polishing - much the same as a jeweler would design and finish a piece. There is an occasional glass detail that is flame worked with a torch to obtain a desired shape. Additionally, most pieces will have areas sandblasted for a subtle textural effect. I do not use any molds or patterns when constructing these pieces...each may be considered an original.

Gainesville, FL
Phone: 352-373-4331
Fax: 555-123-4567

Image of work

"The Difference Between Us"
Glass and Copper

Image of work

20" x 24"

Image of work

Glass and copper
12" x 40"

Image of work

"Full Color"
Glass, copper, antique typewriter key.
12" x 30" framed



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