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Hand-built of white earthenware coils, painted with underglaze and carved.

Coil-building is a slow process, direction can change to flare out or squeeze into a narrow neck. Usually I work from sketches for the desired shape, but surprizes do occur and are welcome. No two pieces are alike, each with it's own character: broadbellied, long necked or pear shaped. They are definitely hand built, I treasure the slight assymetry of them all.

Surface decoration is achieved by first covering the entire leather-hard piece with black underglaze. Then I carve back to the white clay revealing situations of my bug people in daily life:

  • swimming in groups
  • baby-sitting unhatched eggs
  • protecting house and home
  • discovering mountains.
  • "San Angelo National Ceramic Competition"
    San Angelo, TX
  • "Teapot Show"
    Vespermann Gallery, Atlanta, GA
  • "Monarch National Ceramic Competition"
    Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts, Florence, AL
  • "Let It Pour", Teapots
    Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukie, WI
  • "Art of the State"
    State Museum of PA, Harrisburg, PA
  • The Smithsonian Craft Show
  • The Washington Craft Show
  • Columbus Arts Festival
  • The Philadelphia Furniture Show

Philadelphia, PA
Home: 215-336-3127
Web: JanetLowe.com/

Image of work


13" x 10" x 7"dia

Image of work

"Round Vase"

14" x 11"

Image of work


Average 16" x 10"

Image of work

"Egg Watcher Vase"

16" x 11"

Photography by John Carlano

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