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Listening to all surrounding us and reading magnetic scripts of little known translation, they merge onto canvas. My own world. A place in art. Fourth generation, bridging physics and art, the cycle becomes whole and the results inspire thought for our brothers and sisters to create greatness in their path.


A little girl has come today
her stay is without restraints
her vision beyond hold
she pursues
and gives herself to what she sees before her
She makes no demands
stands on truth
lives with integrity
longs for Higher Thought as the only government intervention
She waits as time answers all
a time will be
a moment will pass
she will stand and be seen
for the truth that is there
Tolerance will reign
and peace will again return to the people.
Choose freely and openly.

BS in Finance
Masters in Computers

Boston, MA
Home: 617-338-4014
Work: 617-423-3445

Image of work

"Lady from the Origin"
22" x 22"
ABC Stigum

Image of work

"Yesod: Dawning of an Angel"
15.5" x 19.5"
ABC Stigum

Image of work

22" x 22"
ABC Stigum

Image of work

"The Red won"
25" x 17"
ABC Stigum

Iris/giclee prints. Printed on Somerset Velvet with hand torn edges suitable for float mounting. They each sell for $220 unframed. They are each limited editions of 295. They are signed, numbered and bear the Printer's chop. Photography by ABC Stigum.

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