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Creating a photograph . . . the process of quieting the mind, clearing the focus, seeing with the heart and allowing nature to become embedded in the emulsion of my soul.

Creating a photograph . . . the time when I feel connected with the spiritual nature of the universe.

Creating a photograph . . . fills me with gratitude, joy and absolute peace.

Photography . . . my greatest teacher and inspiration.

Peace to you and to the world in which you live.

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Eugene, OR
Home: 541-607-9511
Web: www.adamphoto.com

Image of work

"Spiral Succulent"
Aloe in California
? 2001 Adrienne Adam

Image of work

"River of Silk"
Willamette River, Oregon
? 2001 Adrienne Adam

Image of work

"Philodendron Side Light"
Split Leaf Philodendron, Maui
? 2001 Adrienne Adam

Image of work

"Scalloped Light"
Echeveria on Molokai
? 2001 Adrienne Adam

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