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Oil/collage on paper - contemporary "abstract representational".

Using oil sticks I work on wood panel. I apply the pigment directly to the surface, blending and working it in with my fingers. Other than scratching tools and paper towels, I use no other implements. Successive layers wiped off, scratched into and peeled yield the emerging image. (I wonder if this "hands-on" technique relives the satisfaction derived working with clay - in my other life!)

Color saturation and contrast, symbolic markings, personal imagery and shapes, by these means I explore the possibilities of the medium and the idea, connecting the disparate and giving substance to the implausible. Usually, a piece will inform a successor. This intuitive approach underlies my work, suggesting rather than detailing, inviting the viewer to contribute their vision.

My work is an eclectic mix, a synthesis of the idea with my experience, background and esthetic.

The more I paint the more I want to paint. Always, there's a compelling sense of searching for what's next, of discovery. The involvement, the solving, the actual doing--it's exciting and exhilarating. Sometimes, looking at a pristine white surface before making the first mark I wonder: can I improve on that quiet perfection? But then I plunge in, entering another world of line, color and shape. The image emerges under my hand...

I take pleasure when you, the viewer, connect with my work.


  • Sausalito Art Festival*
  • Bellevue Art Museum Fair
  • Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City
  • Sun Valley Arts Festival
  • Old Town Art Fair, Chicago
  • Fine Art Santa Barbara
  • Main Street Arts Festival, Ft Worth
  • Portland Arts Festival**
  • Scottsdale Art Festival*
  • Festival of the Arts, OKC
  • ARTWALK, Santa Barbara
  • Malibu Arts Festival
  • La Quinta Arts Festival
  • Object to Ikon
    Eos Gallery
  • Abstract-Relief
    Eos Gallery
  • Brave Bold & Brassy
    Riverside Art Museum
  • Through the Looking Glass
    Cypress College Gallery
  • Bold & Brilliant
    San Bernardino City Museum
  • Symbols & Signs, solo
    Coachella Cultural Center
  • Spiritual Interactions
    Cypress College Gallery
  • A Selection of Works, solo
    Edward-Dean Museum
  • Images True and Reversed, solo
    San Bernardino Valley College
  • New Works
    Mt. San Jacinto College
  • Palm Springs Desert Museum*
  • The Foothills Art Center, Golden CO
  • Women Painters West*
  • Irvine Fine Arts Ctr, Irvine CA*
  • National Wtrclr Society*
    Selected travel show & signature membership
  • Gallery 57 Second International Exhibition
  • San Diego Wtrclr Society Internatiol Exhibition
  • Multi Media Mini Show*
  • Inland Empire XXV Annual Exhibition*
  • Art in public places program, Redlands, CA
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art
    University of California, Irvine
  • Advanced workshops
  • "Through the Prism", Elan Magazine
  • "The Best of Watercolor 2", Rockport Publishers 8/97
  • "Creative Inspirations", Rockport Publishers 6/97
  • "In Watercolor - Abstract", Rockport Publishers 2/96
  • "Creative Watercolor", Rockport Publishers 1/96
  • "The Best of Watercolor", Rockport Publishers 12/95
  • "Color & Motion", Inland Empire Magazine 5/97
  • "Art Shines" The Press-Enterprise 11/93
  • Healthline Medical Service
  • Salisbury Communications
  • SG Development Company
  • Redlands country Club
  • Redlands Centennial Bank
  • Redlands Community Hospital
  • Charles Dunn Company
  • United Way of the East Valley
  • KCAL Radio

Redlands, CA
Home: 909-794-4487
Fax: 555-123-4567

Web: AidaSchneider.com

Image of work

"Osmosis 14"
Oilstick on maple panel
36" x 48"

Image of work

"Tapestry 52"
Oil on panel.
20" x 20"

Image of work

"Osmosis 7"
Oil on panel.
36" x 24"

"Tapestry 53"
Oil on panel.
20" x 20"

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