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Stoneware clay, ash glazes/functional pots.

I have worked as a studio potter since 1967.

All the pots that I produce have an intended purpose. I make pots to hold liquids, serve food, and display flowers. Usefulness is an inseparable element in the aesthetic in my pottery.

I avoid formal and elaborate composition and move towards a quiet and subtle simplicity in the pots that I make. The essence that I am seeking in this aesthetic is a stripped, almost brutal, rawness.

The forms which I use are spare, with large, simple areas, heavy textures, weighty bases, and substantial rims and attachments. I focus on the foot and the rim of a form as the defining elements. They are intentionally rough and crude to achieve this definition.

The techniques used in making these pots are again elementary. I throw all the pots on the wheel, then cut, paddle, and alter them into other forms. I use asymmetrical elements throughout to impart vitality and plasticity in the fired work.

I use ash glazes to integrate form and surface in my work. Slips and engobes beneath these ash glazes add depth, subtlety and nuance to complete the visual composition.


  • Functional Ceramics Invitational, Alfred University, NY
  • Robert Briscoe - St. Benedict's College, St. Joseph, MN
  • Confluence: The Mackenzie Influence, Continental Clay Company, Minneapolis, MN
  • "Robert Briscoe/Matthew Metz", Lill Street Gallery, Chicago
  • Clay National, Penn State University
  • Domesticware, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York
  • Lemieux Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  • Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
  • Northern Clay Center Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
  • Red Star Studios, Kansas City, MO
  • Sarah Thomas Collection, Minneapolis, MN
  • The Smithsonian Craft Show
  • Coconut Grove Art Festival
  • The Philadelphia Craft Show
  • Ann Arbor Street Art Fair
  • Winter Park Festival of Art
  • Plaza Art Festival
  • Cherry Creek Art Festival

Harris, MN
Home: 651-674-4656
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Web: www.mnartists.org/?loc_Name: =viewartistfeature&artistid=902

Image of work

"Noodle Bowl"

3.5"hx6"wx6"d. t
T hrown/altered stoneware, ash glazed over crackle slip, reduction fired to 2400 degrees F.

Image of work

"Cookie Jar"

Thrown/stoneware, ash glazed over finger-combed colored
slips. Reduction fired to 2400 degrees F.

Image of work

"Noodle Bowl"

Thrown/altered stoneware, ash glazed over colored
slip. Reduction fired to 2400 degrees F.
Image of work

"Dented Jar"

Thrown/stoneware, ash glazed over slip. Reduction
fired to 2400 degrees F.

Photography: Wayne Torborg

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