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"The intense intimacy of weaving continues to fascinate me. Each thread passes through my fingers several times in the completion of a finished piece of fabric, endearing it to me. The weaving process, in which I respond to the unique voice of individual threads, is a rewarding, peaceful experience, a relationship I treasure every day." - Nancy Clark, 1999

Nancy Clark, a native Missourian, is a self taught weaver who started weaving tapestries in 1971 while living on a Greek island. Back in the States two years later, she took a beginning weaving course utilizing a loom, and hasn't picked tapestry since. Rhythms of the loom, the sounds of the harnesses, shuttles, and beater, the feel of various yarns, the intense satisfaction during and after completion of a piece of cloth - all combine to provide the reasons she continues to weave at her ten looms. Knowing that someone will eventually wear the cloth she creates, or walk across a rug she has woven, makes the weaving process even more enjoyable.

Colors and textures, as opposed to pattern weaves, have been the primary focus of Nancy's handwovens in recent years. Her fabrics develop from simple weave structures using natural fibers almost exclusively (silks, wools, cottons, rayons, and linens). Occasionally, metallic threads of gold, silver and multi-colors, are added to the warp, introducing a sparkle or shimmer into the finished fabric. She collaborates with an expert hand dyer, who provides her with space dyed yarns, adding depth and movement to the finished cloth. The textures of chenilles, mohairs, boucles and slubs add personality and interest to her colorful, one-of-a-kind garments and accessories.


  • Missouri Fiber Artists, Vice-President 2000-2002
  • Missouri Fiber Artists, President, 1996-2000
  • Fiber/Weaving/Spinning Guilds in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia, Missouri
  • Best of Missouri Hands, Juried Member
  • National Association of Independent Artists
  • American Crafts Council
  • Minnesota Crafts Council

Kansas City, MO
Home: 816-444-2383
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Web: www.gospelcolors.com/

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Image of work

Shawl - Multi Hopscotch
~22" x 95"

Image of work

Shawl - Neutral Hopscotch
~22" x 95"

Image of work

Shoulder Shawl
One size fits most, hand sewn on bias
~14" x 62"

Image of work

~12" x 76"

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