William E. Coombs



I find great fulfillment in the challenge of developing an inspiration. My images are formed purely from my imagination, inspired by all which surrounds us - the physical, the emotional and beyond.. In my work, I try to suggest a direction to the viewer, not point to a destination.

I constantly challenge my creative nature to capture that "perfect" image. Since I work with no external visual concepts or boundaries, I try to pull all that is within me and paint from my "mind's eye". Color, form and textural content are important aspects of my work; these things comprise my voice in my art. I employ many unconventional painting instruments and techniques in order to translate my concept into a completed work. My work is not spontaneous by any means; I consider them to be evolutions in content and in technique. I create each area of the painting for not only overall presentation but for extreme interest into the minute detail of each work.

Conyers, GA
Phone: 770-760-0578
Fax: 770-760-7891


"Change Cycle"

Oil on Board
26" X 38"

"Essential Light"

Oil on Board
36" X 36"


Oil on Board
26" X 48"

"New Morning"

Oil on Board
22" X 30"

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