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Wall quilts - contemporary. Kathleen Field applies contemporary techniques and designs to the traditional craft of quiltmaking. A sabbatical in 1998-1999 led to a thematic change in her work. Inspired by images and text, she transforms these by enlarging, reducing and manipulating. Then, combines them into a quilted union of color and composition.

Lake Forest, IL
Home: 847-295-5125
Fax: 847-295-6188
Web: www.kathleenfield.com

Image of work

Pages Torn 18/1
words by Lord Byron
54 x 36

Image of work

Pages Torn 5/2
words by Kathleen Field
34 x 27

Image of work

Pages Torn 8/1
words by John Dryden
41 x 31

Image of work

Pages Torn 16/2
words by John Dryden
31 x 25

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