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Contemporary, fabricated silver jewlery/ materials: silver, patinaed copper, river rocks, artist cut stones & gems. Subject: Wabi-Sabi.

My materials and tools inspire me. Strange as that is, as they are inanimate, they offer potential.

I am a fabricator. My jewelry is created out of flat sheets of metal andwire. My daily challenge is to pick the appropriate metalsmithing technique to create my designs. Being a fabricator means I have lots of tools, wonderful tools that can help me do magical things with metal. The rolling mill puts pattern and textures on the silver, my hydraulic press "poofs" flat sheets into different shaped pillows. At last count I have 12 hammers, all with different skills. I have 36+ files from large foot-long ones to little needle files.

Rocks & Stones..
My studio is filled with jars of rocks, a drawer full of pearls, cases with cut gem stones, large uncut boulders that I step over daily. When stuck fora design I play with these stones. I stop and clear a space on my cluttered work table and pull out the gems, rocks, pearls that have been "speaking" to me lately. I also have bits and pieces of metal work, experiments with new techniques, partially completed pieces, scraps from my scrap pile. From this flotsam and jetsam I seek inspiration.

Often I just work with the rocks. I cut many of my own stones. I have tumblers that polish my river rocks. If a rock or gem won't leave me alone, I set it dead center on my work bench and we talk. Eventually I will design and make a home for it. Many of my best pieces come from these dialogues.

My studio looks out over Oregon fields, with horses, llamas, possums, dogs, kids, and cats. I see fringes of Doug firs and cottonwood trees. In the summer a red tail hawk flies in my skies. I have lived all my life in theAmerican west. I have spent months sleeping under the stars, climbed mountains, peered into crevasses, watched streams curve back and forth over rocks. As a child I was a shell collector. As an adult I still fill my pockets with things. The west and it's wilderness is part of my work. It is unavoidable.

I also live in the area known as the "Pacific Rim." Asian culture, food, friends, religion, travel are now indigenous to where I live. I am influenced by this. I am particularly drawn to the aesthetic of Zen Buddhism from Japan. The cleanness of line and form, its complex simplicity, the textures, connectors all appeal to me. I use it as another teacher as I create my work. I aspire to it.

West Linn, OR
Work: 503-657-7437

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"Bones The Fish"

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Tourmalated Quartz Earrings

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"Memories of Yucatan" Bracelet

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Spiral Glass Earrings