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Gail Perazzini is an intuitive painter whose art is imaginatively rich and varied, but generally characterized by vivid and complex colors, sensuous textures, brushwork and compositions that dance, and a suggestion of transcendence. Each of her paintings is an original oil, either on canvas or paper (monotype).

Gail is an abstract artist whose work runs in two main currents. The minor current is transformational:  beginning from an object, she transforms it in a variety of ways so that while the object ends up recognizable, it is no longer literal. Infused with emotion and suggestiveness, it takes on a new life or appears to us in a new way. The main current of Gail?s work, however, is expressionistically non-objective. Here she has a few different looks as well. Some work is kinetic and kinesthetic, making the activity of painting not only seen, but felt by the viewer. Other work is much more cerebral and purely visual:  formal patterns, complex, asymmetrical and beautiful. And still other images are made up of planes of light and color, giving a sense of a multi-dimensioned world informed by a luminous core.

Gail has both a Bachelor?s and Master?s of Fine Art in Painting and has earned her living as an independent artist?first in Mexico City, now Santa Fe?for over thirty years. She represents herself exclusively, exhibiting her artwork in juried shows throughout the country. Her paintings hang in over 4,500 private and corporate collections in at least eight countries. Visit her website at www.perazzini.com to see a wider and deeper selection of her paintings as well as a schedule of her upcoming shows.


Santa Fe, NM
Phone: 505-989-8438

Web: Perazzini.com


Image of work

"From the Edge of Time"
Monotype (oil on paper)
22" x 30"

Image of work

"Light Enfolded"
Oil on canvas
48" x 60"

Image of work

"The Jazz Age"
Oil on canvas.
60" x 88" (triptych)

Image of work

"Dreams Scatter with the Morning Light"
Monotype (oil on paper)
22" x 30"


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