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Furniture, contemporary, one-of-a kind, solid hardwood, traditional joinery.

John Hein designs and builds elegantly restrained hardwood furniture with a purity of form that emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of the materials. A traditional respect for nature combined with a contemporary structure result in fluid, spare pieces of furniture in which the intrinsic quality of precious woods and their grains are allowed to stand out.


After earning a B.A. in English from Temple University, I worked in publishing for a while, then in the Rare Books department of Princeton University's Firestone Library, occasionally conducting research for intriguing projects, such as the Alfred Hitchcock biography The Dark Side of Genius.

But one of the problems with working in an archival collection is that -- at least this was a problem for me -- you start to live vicariously through the correspondence of the people whose files you are going through. And it struck me that maybe I should go out and live my own life.

I started to look for something. Using my research skills, I took out books and photocopied articles on furniture-making. After sequestering myself in the garage, I came up with a free-standing wall cabinet. This first piece, along with my second, were displayed in a juried exhibition at the New Jersey State Museum in 1986. Since that time I have participated in over 60 museum and gallery exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at the Newark Museum and at the Meredith Gallery in Baltimore, MD.

Hopewell, NJ
Home: 609-466-8122
Web: pluto.njcc.com/~jhein/

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"Coffee Table"

Image of work

"Culler Writing Desk"

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"Horse Chestnut Cabinet"

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"Pervin Hall Table"

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