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I design and build fine clocks with exposed wooden movements. The clocks are built almost entirely of wood, but often include other materials like metal or Raku pendulum bobs.

As a designer and craftsman, I seek to apply my skills and imagination to create beautiful and fascinating objects for people to enjoy and interact with. A wooden clock movement is an exciting balance of engineering and aesthetics, an attempt to find the common ground between science and art. The wheels turning, the pendulum swinging, levers rocking and ticking, all carefully made of beautiful, often exotic woods working together to provide an engaging visual and auditory experience for the viewer. The goal being to create a piece in which all the individual elements work together to combine beauty, movement, sound and function. I try to ignite a sense of wonder or curiosity in people when they interact with one of my clocks. I want people to think "How does that work?" or "How did he do that?".

My clocks are made almost entirely from wood, although I often incorporate other materials like metal or Raku pendulum bobs. The materials I use for the clockworks are selected for their mechanical properties as well as their beauty. The woods used in the wheels and pinions are hard, fine grained woods. The bushings, where the arbors rotate in the plates or framework of the clock, are made from long wearing low friction materials. The wheels are laminated for dimensional stability. They are mounted true on the arbors, then balanced. The wheel and pinion teeth are all polished, minimizing the friction where the teeth engage. The pivots are polished as well. Many of the parts are made to very close tolerances, often only a few thousandths of an inch.

Although some elements of a design may be carried from one clock to another, my clocks are really one of a kind pieces. Each one is different, usually made to order, signed and numbered by me. If it has my name on it, it means I made it. I don't employ any assistants or apprentices in my shop.

Black Forest, CO
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Image of work

Makore Table Clock
Makore body, Cherry gears, Bird's Eye Maple dial with Ebony hands and markers. Pendulum regulated electromechanical clock.
21" tall, 13" wide, 9" deep

Image of work

Cherry Tall Clock
Cherry frame, Bocote gears and dial, Bloodwood hands and markers. Weight driven clock.
70" tall, 16" wide, 13" deep

Image of work

Quilted Maple Mantel Clock
Quilted Maple frame and dial, Cherry gears, Cocobolo hands and markers. Electromechanical clock.
14" tall, 12" wide, 8" deep

Image of work

Oak Craftsman Clock
Red Oak frame, Cherry gears, Bubinga dial, Ebony hands and markers. Pendulum regulated electromechanical clock.
21" tall, 13" wide, 9" deep

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