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Dave Johnson makes metal birds and animals from recycled farm implements and industrial waste. These creatures have been placed in garden and public setting across the country.

Hi! I'm Dave Johnson and I make the sculptures that you see here. I've been doing this seriously for about twelve years. Before that I tried photography, which didn't sell too well, and jewelry (too confining), while holding down a full-time job. I have a lot of fun doing this, I'm outside a lot (my studio has big doors on both ends) and I've been able to travel while showing my art from Colorado to Boston.And, I recently retired form my forty-hour job.

Most of the raw materials used in the construction of these pieces come form local recycling centers (junkyards) and agricultural associates (farmer friends). I'm a big believer in the "use it again" philosophy which adds considerably to the procurement expense. Sometimes I wish I could get on the phone and call the trash pickers and say "Can you find two dozen John Deere vibrating S tines by this time next week"? Afraid not.

But i guess spending a few hours driving around the back roads of Iowa won't be subtracted from my allotted time and anyway that's part of the fun. I've painfully learned to slow down and enjoy what I'm doing. Life is short.

I grew up on a dairy farm in central Ohio, graduated from Ohio State , took a research job in upstate New york and after several bumps along th way ended up in Iowa. I've found my place and don't want to leave. Life is good here and you don't dare tell anybody. There too many people here now.

But I digress, After the materials for the sculptures has been collected, I remove any excess rust and poop, have another glass of wine and try not to be too serious and just make some art by welding all that stuff together. Life is great and I'm as happy as a pig in mud. I hope that you feel the same way whatever your method of personal satisfaction.

Please feel free to stop by if you're in the neighborhood.

Ames, IA
Home: 515-233-1372
Work: 515-294-7100
Web: homepages.opencominc.com/bandb/

Image of work

Fancy Horse

48"H x 48"L
Image of work


Sow: 60"L x 36"H
$3000 group
Image of work

Little Dragon

64" wingspan 24"L
Image of work

Big Green Bird

72"H x 48"W

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