Judy Leach



Now living in Marengo, IL, I was born and raised in the Chicago area. My interest in drawing and art started early in my childhood, and I persistently entered the "Draw Me" contests for the Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each time I would receive a courteous reply that I had drawing talent but should try again when I was older. I was not easily discouraged and continued to sketch in my "drawing book" that my father made from sheets of paper that were separators for plate glass. Christmas and birthday presents almost always included drawing books, charcoal, and other art materials.

The interest in drawing was put aside during my teen years and the years of raising 2 children, but it was not forgotten. In 1992, at the age of 46, I, once again, sent for, and completed, the art aptitude test advertised by the Art Instruction Schools. This time a representative from the school visited to see art related work that I had done, and I was accepted. Having 85 pairs of parrots and their babies to care for, this 2 year mail order course took 6 years to complete. I didn't have much time to practice, but the course assignments were completed with a grade average of A-. Upon completion, I learned that I had earned college credits that could be transferred toward a degree. At age 55, I decided to pursue an Associates degree in Fine Art. My painting techniques are primarily self-taught, and I often experiment with new ways to capture the essence of my subjects. My love for animals and nature inspires the feelings that I try to recreate in my paintings. Although I still spend most of my time caring for my parrots, I try to spend some time on my painting and completing requirements for a degree in fine art.

Marengo, IL
Home: 815-568-3070



Watercolor Painting
30" x 22"

"Golden Butterfly Fish"

Watercolor Painting
11" x 15"

"Gardeners Bench"

Watercolor Painting
30" x 22"

"Out of the Blue"

Watercolor Painting
30" x 22"

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