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Matt's style varies, but can be described as treatments that imply agressive gestures or other methods of application. Many recycled and industrial materials often appear in his works. Subject matter involves most of the world around him but focuses on organic forms, places, political concepts and gardening. Media is a variety of paints, mixed media, or encaustics. Many techniques are utilized, but can be generalized as an assault on a canvas. Matt's philosophy is simply: "Be Who You Are" and civil toward others, and paints things just as he sees them in his way.

Dallas, TX
Studio: 214-821-4411

Web: ModernMatt.com



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Good and Bad in the Garden

Various Paints on masonite, 48" x 60"
Literally one good and one bad...if you can see them for who they are. This image is about two women who were briefly friends despite thier opposing ways of living life. One was good and sweet, the other evil and bitter.

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Give Up

Mixed media on board, 48" x 96"
Just when you think you should quit something, make sure you have not arrived at a point of completion as I did with this image!

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National Garden Red

Variable, 48" x 96"
Variations of this mixed media theme are available in several colors as of spring 2006. A majority of the face of this work can be 'rearranged' and even mounted on the wall just off the canvas to suit your space and taste requirements. This image depicts a visit of mine to the National Garden with a red cast.

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Tilepool Mirror

Mixed media 40" x 50"
The image within the mirror has been blurred. This mirror was made with tile, glass,stone, copper, and a few other 'odds and ends'. Other versions are available.


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