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”One of the earliest human expressions of self through art came through decorating the body. From a humble beginning of simple patterns painted in mud on bare skin, evolved, through the centuries, more elaborate adornments such as jewelry and clothing.” --John Marshall, Textile Artist

Silk, one of the most luxurious and oldest fibers known, is the canvas on which I place dye to create jackets and scarves. While most silk painters work on dry cloth held tight to a frame with pins, I work on wet fabric which is stretched on the tabletop. I apply the dye free-hand with fingers or foam brushes, sometimes blending the colors, other times letting the dye settle on the cloth in its own fashion. Sometimes the silk is overdyed after it dries; then it is steamed and washed. The stamps and stencils I use when I paint on the silk are my own designs.

“The Piece Scarf,” which you can see below, was one of those pleasant surprises that came about because of the need to use odd pieces of silk left over from making jackets. I began combining scraps of various colors and textures, adding touches of paint, and soon the scarves took on a life of their own. Now much of my silk dyeing is devoted to creating new color and texture combinations just for the scarves. I am also a textile designer, and enjoy nothing more than being in my studio coloring and piecing the cloth.

  • Art League of Long Island, ”Art in the Park” Summer Show and ”The Fine Art of Giving” Holiday Show, Huntington, New York
  • Gallery North Annual Outdoor Exhibit, East Setauket, New York
  • Long Island Craft Guild 40th Anniversary Juried Exhibit, Firehouse Gallery, Hempstead, New York
  • b.j. spoke, Huntington, NY
  • Gallery Five, Tequesta, FL
  • Gallery North, Setauket, NY
  • Gayle Willson, Southampton, NY
  • Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY

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Image of work

To Caffeine,
hand-dyed silk jacket
with photo transfer and hand quilting.

Image of work

The Piece Scarf,
Hand-dyed, pieced and painted
silks, approx. 12" x 86".

Image of work

Large scarf, resist-dyed crepe
with China silk lining,
approx. 20" x 90".

Image of work

The Piece Scarf,
appox. 12" x 86".

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