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Silk screen, acrylic & prismacolor pencil - contemporary/figurative.

"There are three elements in my work: painting, printmaking, photography, and what emerges is the relationship."

"Your work moved me because of its spiritual as well as aesthetic beauty. I know that my piece will be as poignant and affecting on the 10,000th viewing as it was when I first saw it."
Pam Burrel, Collector, Brighton, CO

"The history of those kids was right out there in vivid, outlined, accented detail. The kids find your camera's eye, using you to convey their message to me."
Jennifer Parker, Collector, Minneapolis, MN

"Your life's work makes a difference in people's lives - I'm a big fan and collector."
David Schwimmer, "Friends", Collector, Los Angeles, CA

"I am very impressed with your work. The folksy, rootsy feel of your painting is a great tribute to African influence on American Culture."
Lou Hinkhouse, Fox TV, Collector, Chicago, IL

"Offering in a unique voice a contemporary Southern vision"
Lois Tarlow, artist/art journalist

"As long as I can remember I wanted to be an artist. But what kind of artist I didn't know. Mondrian saw line and color, Picasso saw cubes, and I saw Millsaps Avenue."
H.C. Porter


"There are three elements in my work; painting, printmaking, photography, and what emerges is the relationship."

"Because my characters exert their own power and individuality with such force, each piece is charged with emotion. That emotion becomes apparent the moment you seek it out. You realize my characters have gone through a volume of experiences. The emotionality, enthusiasm and Southern experience apparent in the expression of my characters; sometimes bleak and passive eyes; others, direct and questioning stares are a reflection of myself and my relationship to that person. My work is a question of identifying with my characters - you must respond to their realness - to what they bring to you and what you can bring to them. That's when the communication takes place. The viewer holds the final step in completing the piece - to respond to us both."


H.C. Porter's original works of art are classified as mixed-media. Her pieces begin as black and white "environmental portraits" of her Millsaps Avenue neighbors, where she has been working since 1987.She then transfers the high contrast photographic images onto paper with black ink using a silkscreen.Each piece is completed using acrylic paint and prisma color pencils to add color and detail. Each piece is a uniquely painted one of a kind although the same image is utilized more than once. The base silkscreened image (created from her photograph) is initially printed 5-20 times at the artist's discretion.These high contrast black ink images are then archived, awaiting their completion.

H.C. Porter exhibits in over 20 juried shows a year, with healthy followings in Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Portland, and Houston as well as a growing list of international collectors. She has gathered hundreds of collectors in a few short years, including Bill Ferris, Director of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

To see why America is being moved & challenged by the talent and voice of this powerful young Southern artist, please visit her web site at www.hcporter.com. The site includes over 90 images (originals and serigraphs) available for purchase, an extensive list of honors and exhibitions, her 1999 show schedule,and more detailed information about the artist as well as her mixed media and printmaking processes. To order a 70 page color catalogue of H.C. Porter's work, please call our studio.

Jackson, MS
Home: 601-355-1065
Work: 601-355-5909
Web: www.hcporter.com

Image of work

"I Am Not Afraid"
Acrylic, Silkscreen, PrismaColor
36" x 46"

Image of work

Acrylic, Silkscreen, PrismaColor
15" x 22"

Image of work

"George and the Heater"
Acrylic, Silkscreen, PrismaColor
15" x 22"

Image of work

"Love One Another"
Acrylic, Silkscreen, PrismaColor
36" x 46"

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