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Inspirational nature photography that will touch your heart and stir your soul.

I am an emerging artist -- having only exhibited my work in the last few years. I am a retired biology teacher with 30 years of classroom experience. In the last few years of my teaching career I began experiencing this driving urge to pursue nature photography, especially closeup (macro) nature photography. I am a self-taught photographer. Having no previous formal training in this field, I began attending numerous workshops and seminars with notable nature photographers. I have read intensely, practiced profusely and mimicked professionals frequently. I have been published in two issues of Nature Photographer, a major photography magazine. The first article was titled "Creative Seeing," (March/April, 1997) and the second one was titled "KISS: Keep it Subtly Simple" (Aug./Sept., 1998).

I have discovered that photography is not only an art of seeing, but also, an art of presenting an image in a manner that will stimulate a person's inner core - open his or her heart and mind. I experience joy and excitement in capturing minute glimpses of magnificent moments on film. My goal in the creation of an image is to be as resourceful in conveying the true nature of my own mind and spirit as I am at being neurotic and precise in the use of my technical skills. The challenge in photography is to interpret what I see and decide how to present that view. The technical choices that I make convey my own personal vision - the manner of how I perceive the scene. I make the interpretive decisions for the people who will eventually gaze at that scene through my images. Many times unconscious elements guide the decisions of my mechanical process. This results in a mystical connection that I sense in the emotional portrayal of the subject. This type of art experience I refer to as the expression of preverbal feelings symbolized in a nonverbal form.

Vernon, VT
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Father and Daughter

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Inner Peace

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Autumn Splendor

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