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I never calculate! Art has to be spontaneous and impulsive, creating action, motion and movement. It is the emotion at the moment of execution. Later, the emotion creates reaction.

Color is extremely important, being in everything around us. It summons emotion. It evokes mood and helps define things.

I am less interested in reality. My paintings embark on a voyage of feelings and movement. Nothing stays the same and continues flowing from one piece to another. Each work is a moment in time.

To create paintings that are totally original and of my own style has always been my goal. Every one of them is one-of-a-kind and executed in series.

Each acrylic painting starts with a sketch defining the composition. Then, the studies are painted on heavy gesso paper. The very best of these are chosen for larger paintings on canvas.

Execution consists of large brush strokes and dripping paint between layers of washes and varnish.

I was educated and privately tutored at an early age in art and music. It is second nature to create a perfect marriage of the two in my paintings. I listen to different styles of music for each evolving series. This influences the outcome making each painting have it's own distinctive character.

Later years consisted of an art education in Europe and professionally in the corporate art world. In 1990 I entered the art show venue with my painting. Making them available to the public has given me great pleasure. For me, that is the final marriage of music and art.

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