Is it working?

Remember to tell me your OS version and browser version! Less than 4.0 browsers load Java slowly. Mac browsers are the real question...they have notoriously buggy "Java Virtual Machines".

Remember that each thumbnail image has to load each time you pick one from the list (the button on the left)...as you view any given thumbnail, the next several thumbnails are pre-loading. The old thumbnail gallery has to load each image as you view it too, so that 'slowness' is a given either way. Visitors have timed the page loading anywhere from half a minute to just seconds - it depends in the time of day/Internet traffic. Come back at three in the morning and I guarantee it will fly! I just need to find out if the applet, the means of gracefully displaying 200+ images and linkage to member pages, works for the large majority of visitors. A few visitors have mentioned the small image size but they are "thumbnails" after all! Time to get a full page?
Is your browser Java-enable? In Netscape it's under 'Edit/Preferences/Advanced' - Explorer is similar I'm sure (don't use it myself). Thanks!