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Issue IV, October 2008

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who is independent-thinking and acts on interests while pursuing an independent education and unique experiences. This means that naturally, a certain type of person is circulating around the art world. Collectors and artists need to take heed, however, of the current art climateit is artificially bullish, and while no immediate end may be in sight, there will eventually be one. The barely-known piece hammered down for an outrageous sum in the heat of an auction may be out of perspective in a few years when the market changes and more logic once again seeps into the sale of art.

MICHAEL: You mentioned earlier that you liked to draw as a child. Do you apply creativity or artistry in your work as a dealer/administrator? What do you envision for yourself in the future?

ANN: I believe that my strong suit as a dealer is sniffing out the up-and-coming artists and finding the perfect fit between collector/business and artwork. My mind is artistic in the way that I am able to envision artwork on blank walls and can see ways to improve upon existing artwork. I often visit artists studios where they will ask me for advice on their artwork or to critique their pieces. I am able to see the spaces on the canvas that need adjustment and can advise artists on ways to make the most of of their nique style. In the coming years, I want to continue to educate people on collecting and art appreciation in the effort to increase the general base of potential and future collectors. What I hope for are increased opportunities to do thisI would love to work with radio and television in this capacity. It would be wonderful if there were a Rachel Ray of the art world . . . hey, if cooking and general household organizing can be exciting for people to watch, art is the next frontier!

MICHAEL: Thanks, Ann. Perhaps we can co-host such a show. It would be a blast!

Michael Corbin

Michael Corbin is an avid art collector and author of the newly published Art Collecting for the Average Joe and Art in King Size Beds: A Collectors Journal. Both books are available at:
Youll find Michaels blog at:


Notable Readable

Patients Beyond Borders

Patients Beyond Borders, Everybodys Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism, by Josef Woodman. Healthy Travel Media, 2007. 325 pp. $22.95

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Patients Beyond Borders website

If you are one of the many uninsured or underinsured individuals who are thinking about traveling abroad for major medical or surgical treatment, this is a must-read book.

Josef Woodman provides the potential international health traveler with all the necessary tools to research legitimate and safe medical choices. His advice will help you to make an informed decision while saving thousands of dollars over comparable U.S. treatment.

The author first addresses major concerns about international health travel in general such as safety, quality, language barriers, and financing among others. Then he proceeds to help you to find out where to get the best doctors and hospitals or clinics for his or her procedure. He then walks you through the steps to create a detailed travel plan. One of the best features of the book is the invaluable detailed budget planner to help you ask all the right questions to get all of the answers and plan for every potential expense.

Health travel planners or agents are not required, but can be a tremendous help in planning a major medical trip. Woodman shows you how to find, evaluate and engage the right person for you and provides charts to find the country for the treatment you need. He tells you what you can expect when you are there, gives you tips on dealing with the local culture, and gives advice to help settle you into your post-treatment phase in the U.S. There is also a very helpful chapter written for the companion who may accompany the patient.

All of this advise is accompanied by detailed contact and accreditation information for foreign hospitals and clinics. Woodman highlights the best treatment centers, health travel agents, treatment specialties, accommodations, and much more.

Patients Beyond Borders is a comprehensive, impartial, and extensively researched book that is easy to understand and well laid out. I reviewed the first edition, but the second edition is due out in July 2008, expanded to 412 pages for the same price. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering the medical tourism alternative for themselves or a loved one. (Remember to order it through the NAIA Amazon.com link, located in the left hand column of links on NAIAs home page.)

Reviewed by Cynthia Davis

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