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Issue IV, October 2008

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What is the NAIA about?
The mission of the NAIA is to strengthen, improve and promote the artistic, professional and economic success of artists who exhibit in art shows. We are committed to integrity, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence as we advocate for the highest ideals and practices within all aspects of the art show environment.

Who is the NAIA?
The NAIA is YOU! The NAIA is primarily a volunteer-based organization of artists just like yourself. The board, along with the Executive Director, directs the efforts through input from the membership while many other volunteers assist in providing the manpower to accomplish those goals.

What does the NAIA Do?
The NAIA provides a forum for artists to communicate with one another and with other people in the arts community. We support existing community-based shows to make/keep them a viable market for selling art and crafts. In addition, we work with select communities to establish high quality new shows. We work toward developing educational programs for artists as well as alternative markets for members, providing support for artists in whatever stage of their career.

What are benefits of membership in the NAIA?
The NAIA communicates with the membershipvia periodic electronic ecommunications and a member newsletter. This newspaper that you are reading, The Independent Artist, is also an NAIA publication and is mailed to all members.

The NAIA Web site (naia-artists.org) contains a wealth of information for members. Important information on issues such as health insurance is posted on the web site. It includes a random gallery of members images, a Member Roster with links to members own web sites, and an optional personal web page (nominal fee).

Most valued by our members is the password-protected Member Forum where artists hold a dialog about their concerns, ideas, inspiration, and the nitty-gritty of doing shows.

An adjunct to the Member Forum is the password-protected Show Information Forum where members share information about specific shows.

The NAIA Advocacy Action Line is a newly developed service available to NAIA Artist Members. Through the Advocacy Action Line the NAIA assists artists in resolving specific issues or problems related to the NAIA's official list of advocacy positions that the artist member may be experiencing with an art show.

Does the NAIA offer discounts on business services?
Yes! Over 15 arts-related businesses offer NAIA members at least a 10% discountand we are working to provide our members with even more. Some of the businesses currently offering discounts include credit card processing companies, photographic services, web design services, hotels and motels, car rental, and canopy companies. Using these benefits will more than offset the cost of your membership.

Why should I become a member of the NAIA?
We have listed many benefits and discounts above, but the most important reason to become a member of the NAIA is to add your personal voice to the collective efforts of the NAIA. Your voice will assist in effecting positive change and improvements within our art show industry. Your financial support is integral to the success of these efforts.

How do I become a member of the NAIA?
Its easy! Simply log onto the NAIA web site at:
You can join online or print out a membership form to mail in. The NAIA Membership Committee looks forward to welcoming you as a member!

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