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Issue V, April 2009

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Jon Hecker


Back in January, I received a phone call from NAIA Board Chair Sally J. Bright. Realizing the need to expand their staff, the Board was eager to fill the position of the Executive Director. The NAIA has been running full steam ahead with a small but dedicated Board of Directors. With a multitude of high-priority tasks on the agenda, they knew that it was imperative to fill this vacant position. Having a fundamental familiarity with the art fair world is key to understanding all of the variables we encounter as festival artists. I guess my 22-plus years of experience actually carried some weight!

So, I am honored to announce I am serving in a part-time capacity as the Interim Executive Director until a full-time replacement can be found.

My top agenda is to help facilitate the 2009 Director Conference. This important event is a major component in NAIAs role in attracting shows to come together as a group and derive mutual benefits from learning all about the industry and how we are in this together. Past conferences have boasted many great keynote speakers and topics. This years conference will surely be popular with a theme of Forging Ahead in a Healing Economy. The economic uncertainty of our current times urgently underlines the need to unite and find solutions that foster continued growth in this business, as well as cot-saving options to help the artists and the shows survive.

Were all in this together and I thank you for your support. If youre reading this complimentary issue of the Independent Artist and you are not a member, please consider joining the NAIA. Youll find a membership form on the NAIA website at NAIA-Artists.org. Your tax-deductible membership fee goes a long way in helping our small Board and Staff to speak on your behalf.

Please enjoy this issue of the Independent Artist. If you have any questions, I can be reached at:

Jon Hecker, Interim Executive Director

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