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Issue VI, November 2009

Larry Berman

by Larry Berman

JuryImages.com is a unique and useful tool for artists applying to art shows. It helps answer the two most asked questions artists have about their application: Which images should I use? and What order should I arrange them in?

With this new website, artists can set up a free account, upload their jury images, move them around and create different combinations to compare the strength of their jury presentation.

Moving your images has never been as easy or intuitive. Gone are the days of clicking on a number under the image and having it appear in a box related to the number, like on ZAPP or JAS. You can now intuitively drag the images from square to square with your mouse.

Besides moving the images from square to square, images can be or flipped horizontally to test different placement within the arrangement. Flipping images can be especially useful for artists that do 3D work. As if that wernt enough (I know Im starting to sound like a pitchman now), page backgrounds can also be changed with the click of a button to black (to simulate what ZAPP jurors see) and to gray (to simulate what Juried Art Services jurors see).

Images can be arranged in two rows of five to create layouts of up to five across or multiple row arrangements, like three over two for the shows using Juried Art Services. A complete second set of two rows of five can be used for a second comparison arrangement or to work with a consultant. Each page has its own unique address and there is an e-mail form to send a link to a friend or consultant for advice. Sections can also be locked so a link to the page can be posted to a forum to ask for advice without allowing others permission to make changes to the order of the images.

Your jury images remain safe. On upload, images are sized to 175 pixels long dimension and the full size images are deleted. The pages and images are kept on the server for 30 days and can be deleted permanently at any time with using a link on the page.

JuryImages.com is the brainchild of Larry Berman and Chris Maher. The section on testing your jury images is only half of the web site, and by the time this article appears, the other half will be completed. We call it the five dollar solution. For $5 per image, artists can upload their images and have them automatically formatted for ZAPP or JAS and have them e-mailed back to them. ZAPP images can also be used for CaF, and JAS images can also be used for Artful Home. And as an added incentive, the $5 per image can be applied as a credit for having Larry improve the images. Larry has improved jury images for over 2,000 artists. More about Larrys services can be found on BermanGraphics.com.

Mt. Gretna

Picture Salon

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Call for Entry
53rd Annual Allentown Art Festival; National Preservation District, Buffalo, NY, June 12-13, 2010. 450 juried exhibitors from across the United States, Canada and Europe. One of the most popularly attended shows in USA. 41 cash prizes totaling $19,900. Application forms and more information available at our website or (716) 881-4269.

by Larry Berman

The Roku media player is now a thing of the past as far as jurying goes. The hardware for projection jurying now consists of a MAC laptop connected wirelessly to a series of MAC Minis that send the images to the digital projectors. DVDs containing the images are loaded onto the minis and a shared desktop from the controlling MAC laptop runs the jury. WESTAF has written a program called "Jury Buddy" which is installed on all the minis and it controls the iPhoto interface to run the jury slide show image advance. It also automatically masks the images of the artists eliminated in the early jury rounds. This is a significant time saver for show staff because prior to this, images had to be manually removed from the Compact Flash cards between jury rounds. The scoring interface hasn't changed. Jurors still enter their scores on laptops, and for the mock jury, they were using a set of netbooks which are small PC laptops.

I'm not sure if the shows below comprise the entire list of shows using a projector for jurying, but working with a few of the ZAPP people, it was the most complete we could put together from memory. You can assume that if a show isn't listed here, the jurors are using monitors to view and score:

Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival* (Fort Worth, TX), Lakefront Festival of Arts (Milwaukee, WI), Cherry Creek Arts Festival (Denver, CO), Des Moines Art Festival* (Des Moines, IA), Ann Arbor Street Art Fair (Ann Arbor, MI), Coconut Grove Arts Festival* (Miami, FL), Broad Ripple Art Fair* (Indianapolis, IN), Long's Park Art & Craft Festival (Lancaster, PA), Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (State College, PA), Columbus Arts Festival* (Columbus, OH), ArtiGras (Jupiter, FL), Uptown Art Fair* (Minneapolis, MN), The Art Fair at the Bell Tower (Fort Myers, FL), Krasl Art Fair (St. Joseph, MI), St. Louis Art Fair (St. Louis, MO), Plaza Art Fair (Kansas City, MO), Riverwalk Fine Art Fair (Naperville, IL), Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (Winter Park, FL), St. James Court Art Show (Louisville, KY), Bayou City Art Festival (Houston, TX).

* open jury

This is the most complete list I can come up with. I do suggest that you contact the shows listed to see if they allow artists to attend the jury, or at least offer artists a chance to see their images projected the day or evening before the jurying starts.

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