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NAIA Classified Ads

Welcome to the Classifieds. Have something to sell? Looking to buy? This is the place. And you can place your classified ad for free for a month or so. Show announcements will be left up for six months or so.

Instructions for Using the Classifieds

  • Viewing Classified Ads
    To view classified ads, select one of the categories available. Then, select "View Ads" at the bottom of the Table.
  • Submitting Your Classified Ad
    To submit your classified ad, fill out the form below completely and select "Post a New Ad". Required fields: Category checked, Name, Email, Description. When done, select "Post Ad" located at the bottom of the page. Only your name and email will show on resulting ad - if you want your phone number to show, include it in the description text box.
  • Removing your Classified Ads
    If you have posted a classified ad and wish to remove it at any time, please Click Here. You will need to enter your name, email address and ad number (View Ads to find the number)
  • BE AWARE of a common scam Web these days - someone offering to buy the item for someone else and wanting it shipped to a foreign country. Of course they want your money somehow or another... read carefully!
  • Unless your ad is arts-specific, don't waste your time posting as we delete off-topic ads (used cars, "e-typing" jobs, etc) very quickly!

Which category do you want your ad to be placed in or you would like to view? If you have a suggestion for a new category, please

Studio Materials, Display Materials, Of Interest to Artists

Call for Entries/Show Announcements

Form below is for posting ads.

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What is the subject (title) of your ad?

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Click "Post Ad" button only once please!

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