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We hope that the "Member Resources" section will grow to include much of interest to our members. We encourage our members to share their resources that may benefit other artists. Whenever you have a good resource, please contact us. We hope to have an editor for this section, maybe even one for each of the four subsections. To volunteer go to our contact page. For now, please contribute through the "TipsBoards" in each section. Read about the sections below to see where your tip would fit best! Thanks.

At the Show:
At The Show TipsBoard, helpful information relating to exhibiting and marketing art at shows/festivals: show information, link to survey results, show calendar, hotels, restaurants, hardware stores, maps, etc. Thinking of purchasing a ShowOff canopy? Check our member discounts. Don't miss the "Overheard at Shows" page.

On the Road:
On The Road TipsBoard, mechanics, lodging, driving/travel tips, vehicles, air travel, sights along the road. Do you stay at Red Roof Inns or rent Budget vans or cars? Check our member discounts.

In the Studio/At Work/In the Office:
The Studio TipsBoard, materials, tools, suppliers sources, an improved place for free ads related to the arts and/or this industry, bookstore (Amazon), music, business matters, health insurance, computer stuff, business applications, graphics apps, etc.
Haven't gotten that application yet? Race over to the Show Contact Information page. We have a Member Forum and Show Information Forums (same passwords required) - if you are a member and need your passwords,

We have recently arranged discounts for members with suppliers, motels and car/van rental agencies. We will continue to work to arrange more. - stay tuned.

What with all the talk of digital jurying, we have a "Digital Resources" page where we will be gathering information for the new digital jurying processes. NAIA and Larry Berman and/or Randall Smith are also conducting seminars on "Preparing Your Images for ZAPPlication? and other Digital Jury Systems". There are also links to Larry Berman's tutorials on preparing images for the ZAPPlication online application process and preparing digital images for conversion to slides.

On the Web:
The Web TipsBoard, how to get a page on NAIA web site and interesting Web resources.

"The National Association of Independent Artist exists for the professional and economic success of its membership"
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