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    Date Posted:07/02/01
    Mary Lou Deal died Tuesday, at her home in Ashland,Virginia, with her daughter, Raasa Leela, at her side. I want to say that I am THRILLED to have known a woman of such integrity, who was talented, spiritual, loving, hilarious, and aware. I will remember her clay work, and later, her twig constructions, and especially how she spoke of them. And one big thing I will remember is her swooping up a complete stranger to dance on the dark main street of Richmond, Virginia--delightful!
    I am reminded of the great blessing of this strange career we've chosen/fallen into, that we are pressed into such intimate contact with these beautiful souls, that we might reveal, and come to better know and honor,
    Godspeed, Mary Lou.

    Date Posted:09/26/05
    I was going through cards of artists whose work I owned and decided to check them out online and was shocked and saddend to see this. I still own 3 of her pieces and have given several away as gifts. My sincere condolences to the family.
    Cookie Kerxton
    Chevy Chase, Md.

    Date Posted:07/03/01
    My wife, Marcia and I were saddened to see Mary Lou's obit in the paper today, too. Marcia taught Rassa Leela art in high school and she has grown to be quite an artist herself. Mary Lou was one of the most respected artists in the Richmond area. Many of us would not have had the privilege of meeting her, since she did not travel as widely (for shows) as we do, but anyone who has done the Hand Workshop Craft & Design show here would have recognized the genius in her work and her quiet, kindly presence and winnig smile. She won many awards there, including Best of Show. I would be willing to send a copy of the wonderful article from our local paper to anyone desiring to read it. Just forward your address. We'll miss her a bunch. A memorial service is slated at her home in Ashland for Sunday, July 1. Anyone wishing to attend can contact me for details.

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