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This area will contain further information on initiatives and areas of interest NAIA is working on, including our "Ends" policy, the latest surveys done by NAIA of artists and show directors and show rankings, work on benefits for members, work on developing new shows, who to contact in the NAIA organization for questions or input (including change of addresses, email and URLs, phone numbers, etc) and other present or future projects. We will also develop a area for show directors - furthering our philosophy of positive cooperation in this profession. Here is some information from our Professional Relations Committee.

2004 Artist Conference information

Ken Huff's paper "Jurying with Digital Slides" from the Atlanta Artists Conference, January 2003. (PDF file)

NAIA Town Hall Meetings reports

NAIA Initiatives and Common Misconceptions

Photography, Art Shows, And The Digital Realm - a report by Don Ament and Eddie Soloway

NAIA Board members

Contact the NAIA Board directly

The Artists Information Statement mockup and some situation examples are now available

An article about Reproductions and Original Prints: What's the Difference? by Dale Rayburn

NAIA Category Advisory Panel

Director Conferences

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"The National Association of Independent Artist exists for the professional and economic success of its membership"
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