2009 Summit Conference Results

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This page is an unfolding resource, to report results of the

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*Accquiring Real Treasures


Thank you to all of the attendees and presenters at the first NAIA joint conference for Directors and Artists. Please bookmark this page and refer to it periodically to learn of progress on the projects begun at the conference. Here are a few pics:

NAIA Conference 2009

2009 NAIA Conference Staff: Holly Olinger, Sally J. Bright, Teresa Saborsky, Ardath Prendergast

Conference Attendees at Welcoming Reception. Peggy's husband, Peggy Finnegan and Tracy Pugh.

That's it! I knew we've done a show together somewhere!
Holly Olinger, Michael Davis, Hyacinth Manning

NAIA Conference 2009

Patty Narozny and Elise Richey of HotWorks!

NAIA Conference 2009

More attendees at the Opening Reception, getting to know each other.

NAIA Artist Guests

Artists during Carla Fox's and HC "Chris" Porter's presentation on artist produced shows.

Conference Guests

Holly Olinger's presentation on "Handmade in the USA"

Conference Guests

"This might be a good idea, or not. Let's discuss it more".











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