home NAIA at work 2004 Artists Conference Conference Agenda

The working title for the conference is "Surviving and Prospering in Changing Times"

To date our agenda will present:

The Mock Slide Jury, one of last year's most popular events. Artists scored one
another on the quality and effectiveness of their slide presentation. Then a
group review and open discussion of individual slide presentations followed. A
lot of artists left the conference understanding a great deal more about the
slide process and how to make it more effective.

We are also going to have a presentation called "Slaying the Digital Dragon".
Which will provide simple information on how to be prepared for the potential
changes in the jury process.

And we are going to be talking about "New Venues for the Festival Artist"
which will look at a variety of ways we can add income and security to our
fickle profession. This is one area that we really want help with.

Other ideas may include:

A legal discussion of the rights and responsibilities of artists and shows.

We are also interested in having professional law enforcement officers present
practical information on "How to Stay Safe Traveling To and From Shows".

"Staying Motivated Working Alone".

"The Joy of being an Artist"

"The Successful Artist In The Next Booth". A panel discussion on why some very
excellent artists are also economically very successful.

"Belching, Boozing, Boneheaded Booth Behavior"

Breakaway discussions may also be considered. The GulfStream Hotel
(888-540-0669) has interesting outdoor verandahs and gazebos etc. that will
lend themselves to a smaller group of artists who may want to address a
predetermined subject.

"Let's Talk Shop" may be another breakaway idea where artists in the same
medium gather and compare notes.

So give it some thought and let us know what your ideas are. Post on this
forum or e-mail any of the committee members directly.

Rick can be contacted at Bob at or you can reach any of us by using our name followed by naia-artists.org


PS. The NAIA Board has requested that the Artist Conference Committee start
preparing for the 2005 AC. So if ideas don't fit the 2004 agenda they may be
perfect for the following year.

TENTATIVE AGENDA as of February 1, 2004
Day 1 Wednesday, February 18
8:00 Registration & Coffee
9:00 9:30 Welcome Attendees
9:30 10:30 The Joy of Independence" by artist/curator/educator Bruce Helander
10:30 10:45 Break
10:45 12:00 On-line Application Presentation by WESTAF
12:00 1:00 Lunch
1:00 2:00 Art Fair Directors Panel Interactive Session
2:00 3:30 Artist Legal Issues Lawyers for the Arts attorney Lisa Kincheloe returns to share her witty, relevant wisdom.
3:30 3:45 Break
3:45 4:45 "The Joy of Being an Artist" Presentations by 3 member artists about their lives and work.
4:45 5:00 Silent Auction of Donated Art
5:00 ? Happy Hour in the hotel lounge
Day 2 Thursday, February 19
8:00 9:00 Breakfast & NAIA Annual Meeting Will include opportunities to address the NAIA Board.
9:00 11:00 "Slaying the Digital Dragon The Important Stuff You Need to Know to Deal with Digital Imaging" in-depth presentation by digital photographer Wayne Torborg with time for answers to your questions.
11:00 11:15 Break
11:15 12:00 "Ka Ching 2004" an overview by Frank Berman of the new credit card processing options.
12:00 1:00 Lunch
1:00 2:00 "Surviving the IRS Audit" Insights from members who have lived to tell the tale.
2:00 2:15 "What Not to Do At The Art Fair" a humorous review of some basics by Sally J. Bright
2:15 2:30 Break
2:30 4:45 Mock Slide Jury
4:45 5:00 Open Agenda