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In the interest of helping conference attendees with travel between Detroit Metro Airport and Maumee Bay, please check if you are...

Planning to secure for a vehicle in Detroit and would be willing to bring other artists or show directors to Maumee Bay from Detroit.
Flying into Detroit and am seeking transportation from Detroit to Maumee Bay.
Already know the time of my flight arrival in Detroit.


In the interest of helping conference attendees with lodging arrangements at Maumee Bay, please check the appropriate responses:

Yes, I have a hotel reservation and am willing to share my room with a fellow artist.
No, I am seeking a roommate for the conference.
If you have responded affirmatively to any of these, we will share contact information with other attendees who have also responded likewise. (Please note: NAIA is not, and will not be, responsible for finding or guaranteeing any arrangements or accormmodations.)

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