2005 ARTIST CONFERENCE - Digital Workshops Details

Digital Workshops
In an ongoing effort to keep artists up to date on new and developing digital technologies that can assist you in your work as an artist, we are offering three different workshops that will be conducted by NAIA members Larry Berman, Chris Maher and Randy Smith. We invite you to register for these workshops in advance to guarantee a space for you.

Digital Presentations and Workshops
With the large number of shows moving to digital jury systems, the focus of this year’s digital workshops is how to use an image editing program to improve your jury images and for other practical uses to help improve your business.

  • Image Editing 101
    • Presenters: Larry Berman and Randy Smith
    • How to’s and basic functions to optimize an image, using PCs or Macs
    • Will work through optimizing one common image (i.e., all will work on the same image) from start to finish
    • Slide show of before & after images that have been optimized
    • Participant Requirements: Participants should bring laptops (except for those registered to audit)
    • Participants will receive 30-day trial versions of PhotoShop CS or PhotoShop Elements 3 or PaintShop Pro and a brief explanation of the differences and various levels of support for each program
    • Time: Monday evening (3 hours)
    • Fee: $50 for hands on participation; $25 to audit (Note: Auditing is limited to registrants without laptops who may watch silently.)
    • Maximum # of participants: 30 – full participation; 20 – audit only
  • Practical Application of Image Editing Programs
    • Presenters: Larry Berman and Randy Smith
    • How your digital images can be used in effective professional-quality self-marketing, including:
    • Formatting for postcards, flyers, promo material
    • How to choose a font that works with your project - add it to an image, make it look good and learn how to move it around
    • Techniques: Output back to film (for jury slides) or prints (to display in the booth or use for a portfolio); how/where to get high quality inexpensive photographic prints from scanned film or digital files
    • Participant Requirements: None
    • Times: Offered twice – Monday afternoon, and Tuesday afternoon. Each workshop will be different. You may register for one or both. (2 hours)
    • Fee: $50
  • An Artists Guide to the Future - Using Technology as a Creative Tool
    • Presenter: Chris Maher
    • Understanding the forces behind the digital revolution and what the future holds.
    • Seeing the opportunities that you can take advantage of now, in creating, producing, and selling your artwork
    • Participant Requirements: An open mind
    • Time: Monday afternoon
    • Fee: $25