2003 NAIA Artist Conference

Regency Suites Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia

Jan 17-18, 2003

Additional Conference Information

We have had a number of inquiries regarding fees if a spouse/significant other wanted to "audit" the conference. The charge for the additional person would be $50. This fee covers the cost of the meals and snacks with a little extra to help cover conference expenses. This was an oversight and should have been included in the letter announcing the conference.

We will have a lawyer, Lisa Kinchelowe, from the Georgia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts who will be speaking about contracts, copyright & trademark issues, the issue of public domain and other legal topics. How many times have you or your friends wanted legal clarification on certain issues? Lisa will be there to answer those questions.

The jury process is perhaps one of the most important factors in our profession. It determines who will be accepted into shows and how the overall event will look. There will be a session that explores the various approaches to jurying. This session will also include a Mock Slide Jury that will give attendees insight into the jury process. More information will be included in the registration information that will be sent to you prior to the conference (space permitting, you may want to have your slides included in the mock jury).

The future of the jury/registration process appears to be going digital. One session will cover the efforts that the NAIA, some art festival directors, and WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) are doing to get ahead of the curve. This session will also cover digital slides.

Haven't you always had at least one question that you really wanted to ask a show representative? We will have a panel of show producers to whom you can address that question (and more). Our Director Conferences have proven that this open exchange of ideas and information can result in win-win scenarios. This should prove to be a lively and informative session.