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2003 Artists Conference

Our intrepid, on-the-scene correspondent Don Ament (left) has forwarded these comments from the 2003 NAIA Artists Conference.

Photography by Don Ament, Fred Fischer, Jon Hecker.

Lisa Kincheloe, from Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (GLA), chats with NAIA members Michael Baker and Narda Barber. Lisa discussed contracts, copyright, public domain, fair use, licensing, and other legal issues. GLA is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance and educational programming to artists and arts organizations of Georgia.

Author James Dillehay talks with Lisa Konikow, co-director from the Chrysler Arts Beats & Eats show in Pontiac, MI. James presented two programs entitled "15 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Artists" and "Creating Multiple Income Streams".

NAIA member Don Ament loads slides for the mock jury. Every attendee got to play juror, and every artist's slide presentation was reviewed, discussed, and critiqued by the entire group. Great feedback on improving our slide presentations!

NAIA member Bob Briscoe led a discussion on how to optimize your jury slide selection.

NAIA members Dale Rayburn and Bob Briscoe discussed their experiences in developing successful studio tours in conjunction with other artists near their home base areas. Ricky Frank (not pictured) also added to the discussion.

Over 55 attendees came to our inaugural Artist Conference.

Shary Brown, Connie Mettler, Ardath Prendergast, and Wendy Rosen sat on the Show Directors' Panel.

Glass artist Milon Townsend condensed his normally eight hour workshop into a two and a half hour presentation called "Comparing Retail and Gallery Venues" and "Maximizing Benefits in Gallery Partnerships". A workbook was available to enhance his presentation.

Shary Brown (Ann Arbor Street Fair) and member Bob Briscoe during a panel discussion.

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