NAIA Director Conference Quotes

?If you think your budget can?t afford this conference-look again and find the money. You can?t afford not to come.?
Sharon McAllister, ArtFest Fort Meyers

?Best conference money that we spend.?
Beth Hoffman, Lakefront Festival of Arts

?The NAIA Director conference continues to be a source of inspiration, energy, and vitality?
Sara Shambarger, Krasl

?It?s given me encouragement to put on the best show possible and the trust that I can do it! Information in meetings and one on one was so generously given. A very sharing, caring atmosphere.?
Rhonda Berg, Lakeview Art Festival

?The NAIA Director Conference is an invaluable resource?the most relevant information presented concisely and clearly. The added value of networking make this a ?can?t miss? event.?
Jasmine Sneed, Frederick Festival of the Arts

?Thank you for your substantive speakers and your high level of professionalism.? Colette
Wanless Sobel, Lakeville Art Festival

?Great networking opportunity for directors!?
David Glenn, Minesota Craft Festival

?The NAIA Director Conference facilitates the only annual opportunity for ongoing dialogue dedicated to the professional issues of artists and show directors.?
Karla Prickett, Smokey Hill River Festival

?Count me in for next year.?
Erin Melloy, Geneva Arts Fair

?Your topics were interesting and educational and I look forward to next year?s conference.?
Leslie Lupo, Wyandotte Street Art Fair

?As a first time attendee, I found the presentations very useful and informative. The opportunity to network with other show directors is priceless.?
Colleen Jones, Edina Art Fair

?Wow! So many great ideas to take back to make our show as good as it can be!?
Valerie Niskanen, North Shore Art League

?The NAIA Director Conference continues to be an important part of my year. I continue to learn from the artist perspective and gain knowledge that I will take back to my event.?
Terry Adams, Cherry Creek Art Festival

?The NAIA Director Conferences are a must for any art festival director. Whether your show is large or small, in an urban setting or on a quiet country street, you need to make every possible effort to attend at least one of these events.?
Lisa Konikow, Chrslker Arts, Beats, & Eats

?The NAIA Director Conference does not disappoint.?
Susan Coleman/St. James Court