The NAIA version of an Artist Information Statement was developed after having shows ask us for some idea of what would be helpful. We hoped that this would be a version that could be applicable to most shows that want to include a statement but would like it understood that the NAIA version is a suggestion. We ask shows to not see this version as gospel! Not all artists are members of NAIA - please don't refer to your version as "The NAIA Artists Statement".

The intent of the Artist Information Statement is positive and educational. In the words of one show director, "This is a philosophical tenet that we all should embrace as an opportunity to educate." In addition, it helps curb misrepresentation when information is put in writing for the public and peers to read. A review of the example statements that follow illustrate how informative and complete the statements can be. The completion of one statement should satisfy the needs of all shows.

The objectives of the Artist Information Statement are to identify, inform, and educate. It should describe succinctly and clearly information about the artist's work that might be important to consumers, judges, show committees, or other artists. As an educational tool and conversation starter, it should insure that the viewer understands what is being seen, who made it, and how it was produced.

The following criteria should be satisfied in all statements:

An 8 1/2" X 11" format has been suggested for uniformity in handling and ease of reproduction. Some shows have indicated a future desire to have the statement accompany their application. It has also been suggested that the content fall within an 8" X 10" space on the page if you would like to use a standard frame size for posting in your booth.