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Annual Report from the President


The year 2000 was a productive year for the NAIA. In continuing our mission to promote change through positive and constructive means, we hosted our second annual conference with show directors, Art Festivals and Artists: Strengthening the Industry. These conferences have proven to be one of the most important undertakings of our organization. For an insight into the meaningful content of the last conference, I encourage you to view the notes. Our next conference is scheduled for April 23 and 24th in Fort Worth, Texas and is shaping up to be our best yet.

Our website continues to improve each year. Under the direction of our skillful webmaster, Michael Hamilton, the importance of this site as a reference for shows, artists, galleries, and consumers continues to grow. It not only offers an incredible amount of resource information, but is aesthetically pleasing as well. In addition to the website, the Open Forum (please for the URL) continues to be insightful, informative and sometimes entertaining. I encourage all of you to utilize these resources more.

This year the NAIA was again invited to the International Festival and Events Association (IFEA) conference as presenters to the Visual Arts Affinity Group. Celeste Simon made an informative presentation on the mixed media category and I reported on the importance of instruct.ions to jurors based on research conducted by Rick Foris. In addition to our presentations, we participated in discussions concerning several issues in our industry. Later, in December, we participated in a meeting along with some show directors to further explore simplified and online applications. The meeting in Chicago was hosted by WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation). Significant progress was made, and hopefully, we are one step closer to a simplified application process.

In regards to finances, the NAIA remains rock solid. Thanks to a talented volunteer staff that contributes an incredible amount of time and energy, we were able to accomplish all of the above on a budget of approximately $25,000. Included in this amount are the newsletters, meetings, and other items outlined in the enclosed financial report. For most organizations of our scope, a budget of this size is considered a mere pittance. In addition, we continue to maintain a reserve of slightly under $20,000 to ensure the organization's financial viability. As an added value, utilization of the membership benefit discounts that Rick Bruno has obtained for us on the Showoff canopy, Red Roof Inn, and the upcoming Budget Rental (cars and trucks) could more than pay for your yearly membership.

Despite the progress that we have made, there is still much more to be done. We will continue to serve as an advocate for our members by adding such initiatives as the slide information statement to be read during jurying, simplified applications, and the elimination of requests for social security numbers to our list of advocacy issues. (Please refer to our advocacy page for a more complete list.) We are also developing a marketing campaign emphasizing the importance of art and a one-stop resource to assist new and emerging artists who want to enter this wonderful world of art festivals. In order to grow, we will need more money. Therefore, we will probably be pursuing additional funding in the form of grants, sponsorships, donations, or other income generating activities. Any ideas or assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated.

As we begin this new year, I would like to commend all of those that have contributed so much of their time and energy to the NAIA. I would aLso like to remind all members and contributors that it is your input that guides the organization. Based on your feedback and ideas, we will continue to identify and address the primary concerns and will work hard to effect change. Please continue providing that input via our surveys, town meetings, the Open Forum, the new submission forms soon to appear on the website and forum, or by directly contacting me or any of the board members. Our contact information i readily available on the inside page of our newsletters or on the website. We rely on your guidance to inform us on how we can best serve you. Good luck in your continual pursuit of excellence and professionalism.


President - NAIA

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