NAIA Artist Conference

Summary of Milon Townsend's proposed presentation at the NAIA conference, January, 2003 Topic: Comparing the merits of retail venues with working through galleries. Ways of partnering with galleries to augment artist growth, both economically and artistically.

Selling through galleries and through retail venues each have their own set of problems and opportunities. Milon Townsend will compare these, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each area, and explore the way that these methods can support each other. He will also provide information in a way to assist each individual artist to make an informed decision as to which approach to marketing his or her artwork will serve his or her own goals the best.

Townsend's 25 years of working with galleries have been the matrix within which he has developed an innovative series of approaches to maximize the benefits to both artist and gallery, while minimizing the out-of-pocket expense to each. Townsend's focus on the artist/gallery relationship is one of partnership and co-operation, rather than adversarial. His review of actual contracts with actual galleries is not buried in legalisms, but rather serves to familiarize artists with the concept of contract as business plan in brief. After following Townsend through this review, the artist will no longer view the gallery contract as intimidating, but see it clearly for what it is, an aid to assist both gallery and artist to fulfill their own set of responsibilities, leading to success for both.

Townsend's book, "Making & Marketing Better Artwork" will be available, and strongly recommended reading to supplement the talk. His 'Marketing Workshop Companion' should very nearly be required, given the self-evaluation forms and worksheets that work in parallel with the presentation. In addition, the two books cover a host of material that time will not allow coverage of during the talk, but that artists will most certainly benefit from as they review the materials after the conference.

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